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Acuity sees bumper years ahead for biometrics 22 December 2014

Biometric features are set to become ‘standard’ on smartphones, tablets, and wearable mobile devices, says Acuity Market Intelligence. 

Gartner: Internet of Things will redefine identity management 19 December 2014

The Internet of Things will drive device and user relationship requirements in 20% of new identity and access management, says Gartner, with new biometrics emerging in a key role.

Ghana launches upgrade of biometric passport systerm 19 December 2014

West African country Ghana has revealed plans to upgrade its biometric passports to also include microchips.

Natural Security Alliance reveals launch of compliant payment devices 19 December 2014

France-based biometric standards-setting body the Natural Security Alliance has announced the launch of the first connected devices that implement its proximity payment standards.

OASIS seeks public review of biometric device protocol 19 December 2014

The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards has launched a 15-day public review of a command and control protocol for biometric devices.

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> connect:ID March 23 - 25 2015, Washington, D.C

connect:ID is a visionary event, powered by Science Media Partners and the International Biometrics & Identification Association (IBIA), that focuses on all aspects of human identity and the opportunities for its management in the physical and digital worlds.

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Planet Biometrics reveals Annual Review for 2014 18 December 2014

Planet Biometrics has created an annual review featuring insights from experts across the industry.

LA County to spend $24.4 million on NEC biometric law enforcement tool 18 December 2014

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has authorised a budget of $24.4 million for a new multimodal biometric law enforcement tool.

Uber reveals biometric safety plans for cab service 18 December 2014

Digital cab-ordering firm Uber plans to use biometric checks to on drivers following a string of controversies involving alleged assaults by its drivers.

Malaysia to launch biometric express lanes at airport 18 December 2014

Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport plans to use biometric border controls for international visitors with long-term visas.

DFT unveils fingerprint app for mobiles that uses device’s camera, not sensor 18 December 2014

Diamond Fortress Technologies has launched a new version of mobile fingerprint authentication software that uses a device’s camera, and not sensors, to verify the user’s identity.

Foreign criminals using loophole to have DNA, fingerprint records wiped from UK police databases 17 December 2014

Foreign criminals are using a legal loophole to have their biometric data wiped from UK police databases.

Precise Biometrics reveals Tactivo order from DoD 17 December 2014

The US Department of Defense has ordered Tactivo mobile smart card readers from Swedish security firm fingerprint Precise Biometrics.

Philippines facing biometric vote enrolment race 17 December 2014

The Philippines has just over 10 months to enrol remaining voters’ biometric data before a 2016 poll. 

US Department of Defense upgrades biometrics ID system 17 December 2014

The US Department of Defense has deployed an upgraded version of its Automated Biometrics Identification System.

Apple: ‘Dozens’ of banks signed up for biometric payment system 16 December 2014

Apple says that its Apple Pay system now supports the cards that represent about 90 percent of the credit card purchase volume in the United States.

US dept developing facial recognition protection for consumers 16 December 2014

The US’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration is developing facial recognition privacy standards for consumers.

India launches biometric ‘Bhamashah’ women’s welfare cards 16 December 2014

India’s Rajasthan state is hoping to improve financial inclusion and tackle poverty with new biometric smartcards distributed only to women.

Indian taxi firm turns to biometrics for safety 15 December 2014

A nationwide Indian taxi firm has unveiled plans to use mobile fingerprint and iris scanners to verify the identities of taxi drivers. 

100 million Aadhaar numbers linked to bank accounts: UIDAI 15 December 2014

Some 100 million bank accounts are now linked to India’s biometrics-based Aadhaar ID number system.

Chinese touchscreen maker shifts to fingerprint readers 15 December 2014

Touchscreen manufacturer O-film is switching to fingerprint readers in the face of intense competition in the touchscreen market from firms like Japan Display, Sharp and Samsung Display.

West African bloc to launch biometric travel card in 2016 15 December 2014

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has revealed plans for a biometrics-backed ID card that will be launched for internal travel in 2016.

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Latest Features/Interviews

Interview: Thomas Bengs on Fujitsu’s new ‘pay by palm’ solution

Fujitsu has launched a cashless payment solution that uses palm veins for authentication, raising a challenge to other emerging biometric-based payments systems like Apple Pay and Zwipe Mastercard.

Interview: LaserLock CTO Paul Donfried on the complexities of online identity management

Planet Biometrics talked to identity management trailblazer Paul Donfried in a frank and open interview about the benefits and frustrations surrounding online identity trends such as third-party management and federation protocols.

INTERVIEW: Senior IHS analyst Marwan Boustany on fingerprint sensors in a mobile world

Planet Biometrics talks to Marwan Boustany, about the prospects of mobile devices revolutionising the fingerprint sensor market.

INTERVIEW: Natural Security Alliance CEO Cédric Hozanne on mobile payments

Planet Biometrics talks to Natural Security Alliance CEO Cedric Hozanne about his organisation’s mission to guide the rapidly expanding mobile payments market.

INTERVIEW: American System’s Dr. Joseph DiZinno on ‘identity intelligence’

Joseph DiZinno was named vice president of identity intelligence at American Systems in early September. In an interview with Planet Biometrics, DiZinno explains his work on ‘identity intelligence’ and covers his colourful past as the FBI’s lab director.

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Latest Expert Comment and Blogs

Comment: Biometrics and the chances of owning a hoverboard

Biometrics technology is almost invariably depicted in movies as a big brother's best friend. If it was instead portrayed with realism and positivity, the public would better understand the potential life-changing benefits.

Guest blog: Biometric payments just a heartbeat away

As more people buy goods in-store using their own smart-phones and devices, the next step will be for them to use biometric identification to free themselves from remembering codes and passwords.

Guest blog: The importance of multi-modal biometrics for borders

Security crises in the Middle East underline that multimodal biometric systems are needed to increase the accuracy, effectiveness, and improve the performance of border control systems.

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