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Germany's biometric-based eGates go live 24 July 2014

Germany's biometric-based EasyPass eGates have officially gone live, following a pilot that started in February this year.

Could biometrics boost record low voter turnout in US? 23 July 2014

A new report by the Center for the Study of the American Electorate (CSAE) shows that the USA is heading towards the lowest ever turnout in its midterm primaries. But introducing biometrics into the process could help…

BIO-key and Experian to offer ID verification with biometrics 22 July 2014

BIO-key International has entered into a strategic relationship with Experian Public Sector to expand access to identity proofing for those authentication transactions requiring the highest level of assurance.

Suprema launches fingerprint scanner SDK for Android 22 July 2014

Suprema has announced the launch of a fingerprint scanner software development kit (SDK) for the Android operating system (OS).

Apple and Samsung must address spoofed fingerprints, says Senator 21 July 2014

Letters discussing fingerprint security have just been released that show a fascinating exchange between Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) and two of the world’s largest tech industry players – Apple and Samsung.

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> connect:ID March 23 - 25 2015, Washington, D.C

connect:ID is a visionary event, powered by Science Media Partners and the International Biometrics & Identification Association (IBIA), that focuses on all aspects of human identity and the opportunities for its management in the physical and digital worlds.

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Biometric ABC gates for Russians cruising into Finland 21 July 2014

In what is claimed to be a world first, the Gulf of Finland Coast Guard will test fingerprint-enabled automated border control gates for passengers requiring visas.

Kyrgyzstan to register citizens' biometrics 18 July 2014

Collection of biometric data will begin August 31, 2014 and will last until July 2015.

Mentalix live scan fingerprint systems now support JABS and CAS 18 July 2014

Mentalix has announced that its Fed Submit live scan and card scan fingerprint systems now support the Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) and Civilian Applicant System (CAS) national databases.

Mobiles used on trading floor get biometric-enhanced compliance solution 18 July 2014

Mobile devices are renowned as being a compliance black hole on the financial trading floor. A new solution, that combines mobility with a biometric-based linguistics voice platform, could solve this issue.

NEC tops NIST face tests 18 July 2014

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has reported the results from its 2013 test of facial recognition algorithms, showing that accuracy has improved up to 30 percent since 2010.

NIST speaker recognition challenge shows good improvement 17 July 2014

NIST speaker biometric challenge shows improvements and increased machine learning community involvement.

Sensory boasts global language support for voice biometrics 16 July 2014

Sensory, a provider of speech and vision technologies for consumer products, has announced that its speech recognition engines support languages across 41 countries.

KeyLemon brings biometric security to motorcycle safety classes 16 July 2014

KeyLemon has partnered with the MSI Motorcycle Safety Institute to bring face recognition login and identity verification to the Institute's online education courses.

New police biometric identification system for Oz 16 July 2014

The Australian Federal Government agency, Crim Trac, is about to start the search for cutting edge technology that has the potential to recognise not only fingerprints, but faces, palm prints, speech and scars, marks and tattoos.

Face recognition technology helps to crack UK crime 16 July 2014

Leicestershire Police claims to be the first force in the UK to test new ‘face recognition’ software which could transform the way criminals are tracked down.

M2SYS announces FBI PIV certification for fingerprint/vein reader 15 July 2014

M2SYS Technology has announced that its M2-FuseID smart fingerprint (and vein) reader has received FBI Personal Identity Verification (PIV) certification.

IDEX supplies swipe fingerprint sensor for card solution 15 July 2014

Norwegian biometric firm, IDEX, has received an initial order to deliver fingerprint swipe sensors to Card Tech in Italy.

Cross Match biometrics now on UK's G-Cloud 15 July 2014

Cross Match Technologies has announced the availability of its biometric solutions via the UK's G-Cloud CloudStore.

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Latest Features

What is the Apex Air Entry and Exit Re-Engineering project?

A question and answer session designed to answer questions about the Apex Air Entry/Exit Re-Engineering (AEER) project and its integration of biometrics

Holding ghosts accountable: Biometrics bring greater transparency to African public sector

The insidious nature of corruption presents a formidable obstacle for the improvement of any society. One of the more nuanced forms of corruption occurs through the employment of “ghost workers. But biometrics is being successfuly used to help eliminate the problem.

Special Report on the SC37 Meetings in Darmstadt, Germany

The January meeting of the working groups of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC37 subcommittee on biometrics were held in Darmstadt, Germany. Greg Cannon of Crossmatch reports.

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Latest Expert Comment

On the cusp of mobile biometric technology adoption?

In the months since our first white paper on Mobile Biometrics was first posted, there have been several developments that suggest we are on the cusp of a surge in mobile biometric technology adoption.

Special Report on the April SC37 Meetings in Winchester, England

The April meetings of the working groups of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC37 subcommittee on biometrics were held in Winchester, England. This article is a Special Report by our Expert Editor, Cathy Tilton, into the meetings and main outcomes from the various Working Groups.

Special Report on the SC37 Meetings in Paris

A full and exclusive report into the recent Paris meetings by the SC37 subcommittee on biometrics and its working groups as they continue their task of setting international standards related to biometrics.

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