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Brits staying with PIN numbers longer than spouses 01 October 2014

Almost 20% of Brits have kept the same PIN number for 15 years, raising the risk of criminals accessing their accounts.

Delfigo Security tries behavioural biometrics on mobiles 01 October 2014

Delfigo Security has combined pictures, symbols and numbers with touch-based behavioural biometrics and device ID technology.

Canadian, Turkish banks give thumbs up to Touch ID 01 October 2014

Canada's Bank of Nova Scotia and Turkey’s Isbank are set to use Touch ID fingerprint authentication technology in mobile banking apps

US students develop biometrics iOS app for file security 01 October 2014

A mobile app developed by students in Texas protects documents and files using the fingerprint recognition feature on iOS devices.

Analysts: Paypal’s eBay split enables biometric expansion 01 October 2014

Paypal’s seperation from eBay will help position it as a major player in the biometrics-backed mobile payments market, say analysts.

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> connect:ID March 23 - 25 2015, Washington, D.C

connect:ID is a visionary event, powered by Science Media Partners and the International Biometrics & Identification Association (IBIA), that focuses on all aspects of human identity and the opportunities for its management in the physical and digital worlds.

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Brits staying with PIN numbers longer than spouses 01 October 2014

Almost 20% of Brits have kept the same PIN number for 15 years, raising the risk of criminals accessing their accounts.

Delfigo Security tries behavioural biometrics on mobiles 01 October 2014

Delfigo Security has combined pictures, symbols and numbers with touch-based behavioural biometrics and device ID technology.

BIO-key launches compact fingerprint reader 30 September 2014

BIO-key has launched a small, affordable fingerprint scanner that can easily be attached to computers, laptops and other devices

Cybersecurity study notes biometric BYOD risk 30 September 2014

Not enough staff on ‘bring your own device’ programs are using biometrics to secure those devices, according to a survey by Bitdefender

Philippines launches biometrics welfare project for homeless 30 September 2014

Homeless families in the Philippines are to be registered with biometrics to improve their access to welfare.

Pressure grows on Pakistan’s govt over biometric voting 30 September 2014

Pakistan’s electoral commission wants biometric voting, but parliament still needs to work on the relevant legislation.

Nxt-ID appoints new CFO amid ‘Wocket’ confidence 30 September 2014

NXT-ID is predicting rapid adoption of its passcode- and voice-protected wallet device.

Aadhaar architect wins innovation prize 30 September 2014

The Economist magazine has honoured the Indian entrepreneur, bureaucrat and politician Nandan Nilekani with an award for his stewardship of India’s unique id project.

Identify Security showcases perpetual authorisation tool 29 September 2014

Identify Security say its new software combines face detection and recognition, life signs, and proximity sensing sensors to verify the dynamic physical presence of a live person.

Brazil expands biometric voting for October election 29 September 2014

Brazil’s electoral court says that biometrics offers the best solution to voter fraud.

Biometric firm welcomes US airport screening plan 29 September 2014

Plans to allow private firms to cooperate with a US Transportation Security Administration initiative airport screening initiative have been welcomed by a biometrics firm.

Keystroke biometrics feature in ‘one-handed’ competition 29 September 2014

A US university is launching a competition that aims to find out what happens to keystroke biometrics when typing behaviour is seriously handicapped due to injury or distraction.

Russia to launch fingerprint pilot for visas in 2015 29 September 2014

Applicants for Russian visas in Britain, Denmark, Myanmar and Namibia are to all have their fingerprints scanned as part of a pilot initiative.

Cognitec adds iOS support to face recognition algorithm 26 September 2014

FaceVACS-SDK is being developed to appeal to security and consumer customers that are exploring the use of portable face recognition applications. 

US hospital secures medical identities with fingerprints 26 September 2014

A hospital in Indiana says fingerprint scanners it has installed could cut down on duplicate records and potentially life-threatening errors.

Singapore mulls iris scanners for border checkpoints 26 September 2014

Singapore, which already uses fingerprint scanning for border entry, is considering a “small-scale” test of iris scanners.

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Latest Features/Interviews

Waving goodbye to queues with your fingerprint?

Advanced optical biometric devices that read fingerprints at walking speed, as users wave their hands through scanners, promise to resolve speed issues raised by previous biometric authentication methods. But experts caution that it may not be so straightforward.

Apple Pay - What do we know?

In this paper, independent transaction security experts UL describe what is known about Apple Pay in both a technical and organizational context, as well as what questions still remain to be answered. 

Exclusive Interview: NexID on the importance of spoof mitigation

NexID COO Mark Cornett says companies must face up to the issue of spoofing so solutions are developed that boost consumer confidence in biometric authentication. 

What is the Apex Air Entry and Exit Re-Engineering project?

A question and answer session designed to answer questions about the Apex Air Entry/Exit Re-Engineering (AEER) project and its integration of biometrics

Holding ghosts accountable: Biometrics bring greater transparency to African public sector

The insidious nature of corruption presents a formidable obstacle for the improvement of any society. One of the more nuanced forms of corruption occurs through the employment of “ghost workers. But biometrics is being successfuly used to help eliminate the problem.

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Latest Expert Comment and Blogs

Comment: Commercial vein sensor spoofed - so what?

The vein recognition industry has been somewhat immune from the problem of biometric spoof attacks. This perception could gradually change as researchers spoof - at least under specific limitations - a commercial sensor. But one could argue - so what, at least for the majority of use cases…

LIVE at the 2014 Global Identity Summit

Planet Biometrics is following all the breaking news, comment and events at the 2014 Global Identity Summit in Tampa.


Guest Blog: Biometrics emerge as tool to tackle electoral fraud

More democratic countries are eyeing adoption of biometric voter identification technologies to help support free and fair elections. Guest blogger, Mohammad Shahnewaz, reports…

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