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Nigeria urged to complete biometric process before vote 23 January 2015

Nigeria's top security adviser says the distribution of biometric voter registration cards must be completed before a national election can take place.

SuperCom reveals 2015 revenue projections 23 January 2015

Israel-based id solutions firm SuperCom expects revenue growth for 2015 to exceed 40%.

Istanbul airport launches biometric eGate system 23 January 2015

Istanbul’s main international airport has deployed passenger gates with biometric fingerprint scanners.

Biometric exit draws closer with border bill’s committee approval 22 January 2015

A $10 billion border security bill that requires the completion of a biometric entry/exit system has been approved by the Homeland Security Committee. 

Scientists develop self-powered keyboard with behavioural biometrics 22 January 2015

Chinese and American scientists have developed a self-powered, self-cleaning smart keyboard that uses keystroke dynamics to authenticate users.

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> connect:ID March 23 - 25 2015, Washington, D.C

connect:ID is a visionary event, powered by Science Media Partners and the International Biometrics & Identification Association (IBIA), that focuses on all aspects of human identity and the opportunities for its management in the physical and digital worlds.

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EyeLock names new senior VP of mobile and wearables 22 January 2015

Iris recognition specialists EyeLock have created the new role of senior vice president of mobile and wearables.

China’s first internet bank eyes face recognition 22 January 2015

China’s first internet-based bank plans to use facial recognition to identify new account holders and authorise transactions.

Human-machine tech project wins EU funding 21 January 2015

A group of biometric firms and academic institutions have announced that a joint project focused on multi-modal human-machine technologies has received EU funding. 

Webster Bank launches Touch ID biometric app 21 January 2015

Webster Bank has become the latest US financial institution to add support for Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor for its mobile app.

GenKey releases BioFinger SDK 21 January 2015

GenKey has launched a new minutiae-based fingerprint matching algorithm that it says will boost its offerings in the election, health and mobile device markets.

Kentucky trials biometric background checks for carers 21 January 2015

A pilot for prospective care workers in Kentucky which uses fingerprint data to cross-check backgrounds is proving successful in detecting past lawbreakers.

NEC releases mobile fingerprint collection device 21 January 2015

NEC has launched a new mobile fingerprint collection device that it says is the world's thinnest and lightest.

Tygart launches new facial analytics software 20 January 2015

 Tygart has launched a new version of a cloud-based face recognition system.

Hong Kong to spend US$387m on smart, biometric ID cards 20 January 2015

Hong Kong will spend US$387 million on improved citizen ID cards with better microchips and storage capacity.

Sensory launches biometric app with voice, face recognition 20 January 2015

Sensory has released an Android app that offers voice and facial authentication to create a biometric lock for mobile phones, tablets and PC

Research group: Biometrics apps to surge in popularity 20 January 2015

Juniper Research says 770 million mobile apps offering biometric authentication will be downloaded per annum by 2019. 

Visa: 'Generation Z' wants biometric security, not passwords 20 January 2015

Young British adults are ready to adopt biometric security for payments, according to a new survey commissioned by Visa Europe.

Australian Customs creates screening tech-focused unit 19 January 2015

Australia’s customs agency is launching a new unit responsible for traveller border clearance, advanced analytics, biometrics systems and screening technologies.

US charity calls for biometric ‘smart gun’ changes 19 January 2015

A national gun safety effort led by interfaith religious leaders in the United States has called for a gun industry trade group to drop opposition to “smart guns” 

Suprema integrates biometrics with UK firm’s entry system 19 January 2015

South Korean biometric firm Suprema is partnering with British IP access control and door entry solutions company Paxton. 

Biometrics playing key role in AirAsia crash recovery 19 January 2015

A multi-modal biometric system is being used to identify victims of the tragic AirAsia flight that crashed near Borneo in December.

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Latest Expert Comment and Blogs

How biometric cards can boost the life of proximity systems

Adding on-card fingerprint readers to access card systems could extend the life of proximity systems that can easily be breached.

Cathy Tilton, VP for standards & emerging technologies at Daon

Whether it's the global economic situation, market saturation, or something else, I've seen a flattening of the large-scale government biometrics market. 

Conor White, FIDO Alliance board member

We are no longer on the cusp of broad biometric adoption, we’re in the midst of it.  

Terry Hartmann, vice president, security solutions & industry applications at Unisys

The biometrics and identity industry has progressed leaps and bounds in 2014 – not that everyone necessarily realizes that yet.  This is the watershed year …  

Georg Hasse, senior product manager, portfolio electronic identities, secunet security networks ag

It has been another exciting year for the biometrics and identity industry around the globe …

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Latest Features/Interviews

Interview: Neil Costigan, CEO of BehavioSec on biometrics and banking

Could behavioural biometrics – quietly recording a user’s mannerisms to generate distinct patterns for identity verification – represent the best route towards the frictionless authentication that banks need?

Interview: MorphoTrust VP Jenny Openshaw on the future of digital driver's licences

Iowa state's plans to pilot a digital driver's licence stored on a smartphone prompted debate across the globe. MorphoTrust VP of state and local sales, Jenny Openshaw, discusses how her firm arrived at the concept and how it will evolve over the coming years.

Interview: Thomas Bengs on Fujitsu’s new ‘pay by palm’ solution

Fujitsu has launched a cashless payment solution that uses palm veins for authentication, raising a challenge to other emerging biometric-based payments systems like Apple Pay and Zwipe Mastercard.

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