2014: A watershed year for the biometrics sector

Getting Started: Annual Review

In a landmark annual review, Planet Biometrics has invited industry experts from different fields to give independent, vendor neutral, “state of the industry” comments that explain where the industry is from their unique point of view. Expect to read about the major drivers and detractors that are impacting operations, and also how the industry will progress in the year ahead…Read more

Expert views from 2014 and beyond…

Alastair Partington, unique identity lead, emerging technologies, Accenture

Biometrics is no longer just about security improvements or fraud reduction.  Instead, many organisations are looking to biometrics technologies to deliver superior customer experiences, and efficiency gains …

Cathy Tilton, VP for standards & emerging technologies at Daon

Whether it's the global economic situation, market saturation, or something else, I've seen a flattening of the large-scale government biometrics market. 

Conor White, FIDO Alliance board member

We are no longer on the cusp of broad biometric adoption, we’re in the midst of it.  

Terry Hartmann, vice president, security solutions & industry applications at Unisys

The biometrics and identity industry has progressed leaps and bounds in 2014 – not that everyone necessarily realizes that yet.  This is the watershed year …  

Babatunde Anifowoshe, chief information security officer, Nigeria's National Identity Management Commission

The capture of biometrics has amplified within Africa and is phenomenal, especially in Nigeria.

Patrick Grother, computer scientist, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Driven by the ubiquity of cameras, the next 12 months will see both formalized practices on the acceptable public use of face recognition technology and an expanded marketplace of algorithms …

Emilio Mordini, MD (University of Rome La Sapienza) and MAPhil (Pontifical University S.Thoma)

As biometrics penetrate several different contexts and enter common usage, we are going to discover that they are overturning most current legal and societal standards. …

Peter Went, chief executive officer of WCC

The biometric identification market slowed down, in terms of volume and innovation, on the public sector side, while making a dramatic shift for the better on the private sector side …

Alan Goode, director, Goode Intelligence

Biometric technology is being rapidly adopted as a convenient way to authenticate people across a wide range of devices and in a variety of use cases…

Dave Birch, global ambassador, Consult Hyperion

Apple has framed biometrics as a convenience technology rather than a security technology, a change of perspective that will drive them into much wider use in the coming year. …

Georg Hasse, senior product manager, portfolio electronic identities, secunet security networks ag

It has been another exciting year for the biometrics and identity industry around the globe …


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