Highland Baking Company facing Bipa suit
14 March 2019 15:33 GMT

Highland Baking Company has become the latest US firm to face a lawsuit over its biometric usage.

Teodoro Ontiveros claims said employees had their fingerprints or palmprints illegally collected by the company and were not paid for time spent putting on and taking off safety equipment.

He has asked for a class to be formed under Illinois' biometric privacy law, or BIPA

Patch has reported that Ontiveros asked for class action status on behalf of current and former workers at the company's 2301 Shermer Road facility related to its practices for beginning and ending shifts.  

 CEO Stu Rose told Patch the company abides by prevailing business practices.

"Clocking in after you put on your uniform and clocking out before you take off your uniform is a widely held and accepted common practice in our industry because the uniform is not a requirement of doing the job," Rosen said.