CyberLink to showcase FaceMe AI Facial Recognition Engine
18 March 2019 17:42 GMT

CyberLink, which develops AI and facial recognition technologies, will be demonstrating AIoT solutions powered by FaceMe, its new  facial recognition engine, at a trade show.

The firm said FaceMe provides Smart Retail solutions to analyze store traffic and visitor attributions, Smart Security solutions with anti-spoofing capabilities, and Smart Office solutions to securely control and track employee and visitor access in restricted facilities. 

"Powered by deep learning and neural network algorithms, FaceMe is one of the world’s top facial recognition engines. Its high precision yields up to a 98.5% true acceptance rate (TAR) with a false acceptance rate (FAR) of less than 10-6 (0.000001)."

“At CyberLink, we understand the importance of customer engagement and the benefits that integrating advanced technology can bring to the customer experience,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “That’s why we spent over five years developing FaceMe, one of the top ranked facial recognition solutions in the world, to help companies track not only customer identification, but also their satisfaction, behaviors and more. FaceMe’s precision and cross-platform flexibility makes it the perfect solution for any companies seeking to transform how they engage with customers.”

At DSE 2019, CyberLink will demonstrate the uses of FaceMe in Smart Retail, Smart Security and Smart Office scenarios.


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