1.26B fingerprint sensors to ship in 2019
18 March 2019 17:43 GMT

The consumer market is expected to reach approximately 1.26 billion fingerprint sensor shipments by the end of 2019, with a 10.3. percent 5-year CAGR increase. according to advisory firm ABI Research.

After a rough start, biometric-embedded payment cards with fingerprint sensors will become an increasingly large portion of shipments, a press release said. 

"We have seen all relevant actors and market innovators making all necessary preparations during the last three years — educating the public regarding batteryless fingerprint-embedded cards, technologies that allow energy harvesting from nearby terminals, meticulous conformity to EMV specifications, and even addressing issues like tamper-resistant integrated circuits for additional protection of any biometric data contained therein," ABI industry analyst Dimitrios Pavlakis said in the release.

Credit card companies such as Mastercard and Visa, and vendors such as Gemalto, IDemia and FPC, and market entrants such as IDex, Next Biometrics, Zwipe, and Smartmatic are some of the main brands expected to lead the biometric payment card push, according to ABI. 

Fingerprint sensor-embedded payment cards are expected to experience significant growth from 2021 onward, the release said.

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