CyberExtruder announces Aureus 3D-AI Enterprise
05 April 2019 18:38 GMT

CyberExtruder, a developer of facial recognition technology for 20+ years announces the release of Aureus 3D-AI Enterprise.

“Our customers were asking for the ability to easily scale to large deployments supporting thousands of cameras across multiple sites that incorporate the same efficiency, simplicity, and flexibility we are known for. We answered the call. Aureus 3D-AI Enterprise, our newest product, incorporates the best of CyberExtruder technology and the ability to efficiently and effectively scale across large and geographically dispersed locations,” says Paul Nicholas, CEO of CyberExtruder.

Aureus 3D-AI Enterprise’s federated architecture provides a multi-site, geographically dispersed environment that facilitates the controlled sharing and exchange of information with real-time interoperability across multiple camera networks. Aureus 3D-AI Enterprise is the only enterprise-class face recognition platform to leverage the combined power of AI, 3D technology and deep neural networks for mission-critical security needs.  


Aureus 3D-AI Enterprise, the fastest top performer in both NIST and DHS testing, delivers unparalleled speed and accuracy and the ability to detect, track and match faces in critical situations when faces are obscured by glasses, captured in low resolution or presented to surveillance cameras at severe angles.


Visitors are encouraged to visit us at Booth #18053 and discover how Aureus 3D-AI Enterprise provides interconnectivity with Milestone’s state-of-the-art video management system xProtect.

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