SAFR for Security integrated into Genetec Security Center
15 April 2019 09:06 GMT

RealNetworks has announced the availability of its SAFR for Security facial recognition solution for Genetec Security Center.

The firm said SAFR for Security enhances Security Center deployments with high-performance facial recognition, achieving 99.86 percent accuracy. This enables scaling with live video overlays, bookmarks, automatic alerts, and notifications.

In most cases, security video is recorded, not watched live. Security teams are burdened with hours of monitoring, which requires extended periods of extreme concentration and attention to detail in order to identify unauthorized or unknown activity.

With SAFR for Security integrated with Genetec Security Center, security staff are no longer limited to monitoring grids of video cameras and tediously reviewing recorded video after events have already transpired. SAFR for Security immediately alerts security professionals in real time when unknown or unwanted individuals are recognized on any live camera feed, whether or not they’re in view of security personnel. This includes registered persons, threats, concerns, and VIPs in authorized or unauthorized areas.

“RealNetworks has integrated their SAFR facial recognition technology within Genetec Security Center to offer security professionals the ability to leverage facial recognition as part of their enterprise security system,” said Jordan Jaumeau, Director of development partnerships, Genetec. “We believe the joint solution of the RealNetworks SAFR for Security and the Genetec unified security platform will enable our mutual customers to further secure their facilities,” added Mr. Jaumeau.

SAFR for Security is an AI-powered facial recognition solution architected to economically scale with high performance and rapid processing to detect and match millions of faces in real time. SAFR for Security facial recognition is a vigilant, 24/7service, automating alerts and notifications within the Genetec Security Center as an event occurs, providing immediate insight and situational awareness. SAFR for Security supports flexible deployment – including on-premise, cloud or hybrid – and is adaptable to a variety of use cases, including secure access, multi-factor authentication, liveness detection, door locks, lighting, analytics, reports, and more.

“We are delighted to launch this integration with Genetec Security Center because we see a natural and important opportunity for world-class facial recognition to make it simpler for security professionals to keep us safe. The live overlays, alerts, notifications, and bookmarks made possible by SAFR for Security help automatically surface persons of interest to those users,” said Dan Grimm, general manager of SAFR by RealNetworks. “We’re excited to partner with Genetec to provide SAFR for Security’s highly-accurate AI-based facial recognition to help security professionals using Genetec Security Center better protect secure facilities.”

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