UK Biometrics Commissioner wants simpler process for early deletion of DNA and fingerprints
24 October 2014 20:24 GMT

DNA information should be made simpler if no crime has been committed says Biometrics Commissioner

The Home Office has been told by the UK's Biometric Commissioner that its plans for how DNA and fingerprint deletion should be handled by police chief constables should be simplified.

The Home Office had sought views on new guidance for police chief constables considering applications from the public to have their DNA and fingerprints deleted before the legal retention period expires.

In his response to the consultation, the UK's Biometric Commissioner said that, in his view, it would be desirable to have an early deletion process which is significantly less restrictive than that which is proposed in the draft Guidance.

This would "allow for the striking of a more proportionate balance between the public interest in the prevention and detection of crime and the individual’s right to privacy".

In the Commissioner's view, a less restricted process would not only allow for more appropriate decisions in a much wider range of individual cases but might also be more likely to command broad public support and to assist in maintaining public confidence in those who are authorised to take and retain DNA and fingerprints.

The full response can be read here

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