Alan Goode, director, Goode Intelligence
17 December 2014 16:38 GMT

It’s been a truly exciting year for biometrics - our focus has been working with our clients on the integration of biometrics into a wide range of consumer technology including mobile, wearables and smartcards. Biometric technology is being rapidly adopted as a convenient way to authenticate people across a wide range of devices and in a variety of use cases: from authenticating payments to protecting smart mobile devices biometric authentication systems have become commonplace. 
Fingerprint has been the major winner during 2014 with integration into flagship smartphones from all the major manufacturers and continued innovation with new small-area touch sensors that provide a great user experience in a small form factor.

Apple Pay has been shaking the payments industry up with fast adoption rates for its biometric mobile payments solution and Touch ID is set to become an important authenticator available to all through its easy to integrate API.  We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of APIs in accelerating biometric authentication because they allow third-parties to quickly benefit from millions of dollars of investment in easy-to-use and secure authentication technology. 
Apple is not the only company to release the benefits of fingerprint biometrics for fast convenient authentication; the FIDO [Fast Identity Online] Alliance's recently ratified standards are providing OEMs and authentication and biometric vendors with an interoperable framework to support easy-to-deploy and secure user authentication.

PayPal and Alipay are using FIDO to provide the authentication plumbing for their mobile payments solution. It’s not only smartphones that are seeing the benefits of biometric authentication, we have at least three examples of biometric card solutions that are allowing quick and easy fingerprint biometric authentication for contactless payment cards. It will be very interesting to keep an eye out on MasterCard’s biometric payment card pilot with Zwipe. 
Other biometric modalities are improving their user experience and starting to match fingerprint’s ease of use and speed and for 2015, will shall see an acceleration of this trend with other biometric modalities, eye vein, voice, heart, behavioral, palm vein, iris and retina, starting to get integrated across wide range of devices and supported by multi-factor authentication platforms.
2015 will be another very exciting year and I expect incredible growth for this very human form of authentication. 

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