New biometric services technical committee launching at OASIS
06 July 2015 15:05 GMT

A new OASIS technical committee is being formed called the OASIS Biometric Services (BIOSERV) Technical Committee (TC).

The BIOSERV TC will build upon work done in earlier efforts in order to define open standards that facilitate the use of biometrics and biometric operations over a service-oriented architecture, such as web services.

Full details are available on a charter.

The BIOSERVE TC will operate under a RAND IP policy and carries on the work of the preceding Biometrics TC and BIAS TC.  A call for participation is open for those interested in joining the TC (OASIS membership is required).

The eligibility requirements for becoming a participant in the TC at the first meeting are:

(a) You must be an employee or designee of an OASIS member organization or an individual member of OASIS, and

(b) You must join the Technical Committee, which members may do by using the Roster "join group" link on the TC's web page at [a].

To be considered a voting member at the first meeting:

(a) You must join the Technical Committee at least 7 days prior to the first meeting (on or before 01 July 2015); and

(b) You must attend the first meeting of the TC, at the time and date fixed below (08 July 2015).

Participants also may join the TC at a later time. OASIS and the TC welcomes all interested parties.