Wireless biometric access control specialist BIODIT has launched a biometric car security device with the potential to revolutionise how we protect vehicles against theft.

Known as CarSec®, the BIODIT solution is an ergonomically designed fingerprint reader that can be deployed near the ignition of any modern car.

The CarSec® system, which has been tested and approved by several insurance and car companies, can store one master and nine other user fingerprints in its system memory.

The readers offer a standalone solution for enrolment and programming of various functions – users only need to follow a simple set of instructions.

CarSec® enters a passive mode when it is not in use, and doesn’t draw from car batteries.  The energy-efficient system protects the vehicle with interlocks that prevent the engine starting.

The solution addresses issues raised by the invention of immobilisers.

Since these anti-theft devices became ubiquitous in the late 1990s, thieves have increasingly turned to more violent crime such as car-jacking and house burglaries to obtain keys.

Indeed, over 2,700 vehicles are still stolen every day throughout Europe, according to Europol, and over 50% of these stolen vehicles are never recovered. Meanwhile, some 85% of stolen cars registered after 1997 were taken with the car keys.

The CarSec® innovation is only one of a range created by BIODIT, which is also a major provider of state of the art biometric access-control solutions to the hospitality, automotive, financial and other industries.

The WBLS® range

All BIODIT access-control solutions use the company’s patented wireless technology (WBLS®), which connects security devices to a centralised management platform that allows real time control and management via the Internet from anywhere around the globe.

Providing full control of access to certain rooms or areas with limited access and ensuring strict compliance in terms of clocking in and attendance, BIODIT’s systems have streamlined the employee management process for numerous firms across multiple industries.

For instance, BIODIT’s biometric systems for access control time can also be easily linked with wage systems, reducing the likelihood of human error.

Designed for a wide range of applications and deployments, these access solutions include BIODIT Olock®, BIODIT Inside®, BIODIT Plane®, BIODIT Conik®Roll, BIODIT Conik®Access Wall, BIODIT Energy®, DriverControl® and Gateway®WBLS.

The range of products has become expansive due to the collaborative efforts of the company’s research and development department with leading design studios.

Because this collaboration involves the use of a wide variety of materials, design models and colours, solutions can be adapted for specific business needs. This means that the technology can be deployed in scenarios ranging from hotel chains to business centres, hospitals and university centres.

If you have any queries about the services BIODIT can offer you, your company, or your clients please do not hesitate to contact them:

Email: office@biodit.com
Web: www.biodit.com