Emilio Mordini is an MD (University of Rome La Sapienza). He was trained as a psychoanalyst, and was partner of the Psychoanalytic Institute for Social Research (1986-2001), Professor of Bioethics in the University of Rome (1994-2006), Secretary of the Bioethical Commission of the Italian National Research Council (2000-04).

Focusing his efforts on creating an international research centre devoted to ethical, political and social implications of emerging technologies, in 2002 Emilio founded the Centre for Science, Society and Citizenship. Since 1992 Emilio has served as a contractor in 22 EC funded projects in the scope of FP3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, and coordinated 10 FP projects, including BITE (Biometric Identification Technology Ethics), HIDE (Homeland security, biometric identification & personal detection ethics); RISE ( Rising pan?European and International Awareness of Biometrics and Security Ethics).

Emilio chairs the Biometric Sector of the Italian Confederation of Knowledge Companies (Assoknowledge) and serves in the board of a number of international scientific associations. He sits in the Working Group 18 on Biometrics of the CEN/TC224.