Inventor develops biometric vehicle breathalyser
26 September 2016 15:22 GMT

An inventor from Las Vegas has designed a vehicle breathalyser that is enhanced by a biometric identification system.

Called the SAFETY WHEEL, it helps prevent instances of drunk or impaired driving by ensuring that only an authorised vehicle operator can use his vehicle's breathalyser and drive the vehicle when sober.

The inventor says this keeps motorists honest and ultimately enhances safety on our roadways.

The product can be offered as an OEM feature on new automobiles, or as an aftermarket safety accessory for installation on existing vehicles.

The inventor was inspired by the need to prevent drunk driving. "I wanted to create a device that ensured motorists could not trick vehicle breathalysers into allowing them to drive while impaired," said the inventor. "A breathalyser that required biometric identification would prevent that."

The original design was submitted to the Las Vegas office of InventHelp