Mastercard: Nearly half of consumers interested in biometrics
01 March 2017 16:11 GMT

Nearly half of consumers expressed interest in biometrics and other forms of authentication to deliver enhanced security in a new survey commissioned by payments firm Mastercard.

The company’s Mastercard Digital Payments Study found that 43 percent of respondents wanted to know more about biometrics and other forms of authentication.

Mastercard wrote that New developments in facial recognition and fingerprint and touch authentication drove over half of biometric/authentication conversations  at 51 percent.

Meanwhile, facial recognition conversations focused on the Mastercard Identity Check Mobile app, Google’s Hands Free app and a Snapchat patent to incorporate a payments platform with real time services.

“Technology is making the promise and the potential of a less-cash life a reality for more people every day,” said Marcy Cohen, vice president of digital communications at Mastercard. “This year’s study notes a change in the level of interest for new ways to shop and pay that only a few years ago would have seemed farfetched.”