Indian firm trials biometric blood bank management system
27 March 2017 15:17 GMT

A tech startup in India is piloting a system that links a person’s biometrics to their blood donation records, to prevent contamination and other issues.

Strides Software Solutions, an Aurangabad based firm, has developed India's first Aadhaar-based centralized donor authentication and identification application.

In India, 90% of blood donations are carried out in camps set up by various organizations. While all the donated blood goes through the testing phase and safe blood is separated, sometimes unsafe blood can also penetrate this test, notes the Economic Times.

“In spite of the latest testing methodologies leading to lesser window period of these fatal diseases, the problems are still increasing. One of the key reasons has been the absence of centralized blood donor registry and unique donor identification program. With no centralized blood donor registry in place, blood donors found reactive during their previous donation at a particular blood bank again end up donating at multiple blood donation camps. Also a lot of under quarantine donors end up donating again,” lamented Denesh P Mutha, Founder, Strides Software Solutions, told the newspaper.

Strides has created the ‘D-Health app’ – India’s first Aadhaar-based centralized donor authentication and identification application.

“We have used UIDAI APIs for Aadhaar-based authentication and e-KYC. Once authenticated, the application pulls the e-KYC details of the blood donor. This donor data is then coupled with a strong algorithm to check if the donor is existing or new and if existing whether he is eligible to donate blood,” Mutha said.