Sheriff’s office to trial footprint database
25 April 2017 16:19 GMT

Franklin County Sheriff's Office is to become the first in the country to use a database of footprints to help officers solve crimes.

The Everspry System keeps track of shoe prints, but experts say these are also influenced by a human’s unique gait and weight, reported WSLS.

Franklin County Sheriff's Office was selected as the first department to test out the system because it's being developed by a Franklin County business, Evident. The company has partnered with the China-based business, Everspry, to create the footwear evidence collection and comparison system.

While there could be thousands of pairs of the exact same brand and make of shoe, Sheriff Bill Overton says it's the way we wear our shoes that makes each of our footprints as unique as a fingerprint.

"Like a fingerprint, shoe wear and footwear impressions are unique to individuals based on body weight, their arches, how they walk and how they wear their shoe," Overton said. "They leave a distinct marking and this can be very important in working any aspect of a criminal investigation."

The system will allow investigators to pull up the database-- they could even do it with their cell phone at the crime scene-- and compare any footprints left behind to the hundreds of thousands of prints in the system.