USCG mulls voice recognition to catch hoax callers
26 April 2017 16:26 GMT

Senior officials from the National Coast Guard have raised the prospect of using voice biometrics to catch hoax callers costing the service valuable funds and resources.

Lt. Gianfranco Palomba is quoted in the Verge as saying that while there are only a handful of hoaxers, that they are making as many as 10 calls apiece.

Palomba acknowledges that voice samples probably wouldn’t be enough to serve a search warrant — but it could be a way to match the same caller the next time they phone in a hoax.

“Even in situations where someone has called in a hoax on 10 different occasions, that affected unit is still having to respond to them,” Palomba says.

A separate research project has seen CMU professor Rita Singh examine the Coast Guard’s hoax calls.

“Although probably not aware of the biometric potential of their voice, they instinctively attempt to hide their identity by disguising it,” Singh wrote in a recent paper. “They try to sound like a real (albeit fictitious) person other than themselves.”