Chinese college dorm secured by face recognition
19 May 2017 16:03 GMT

A college in China has begun using biometric security to prevent intruders gaining access to its dorms.

Beijing Normal University recently installed two facial recognition devices at the entrance way to the No. 13 female student dormitory.  

Students need to either swipe their student ID card, key in their ID number, or say their name, according to the Telegraph.

The camera will then scan their faces for a match against records and open the door for registered residents. (Here is a video of how it works.) Those entering will be greeted with a “welcome home” while those heading out into the world will be told “you look pretty,” according to local reports.

The monitoring system will alert if strangers follow students when they enter the building, a university official told the Beijing News.

“Even after I had my hair cut, the machine still recognized me,” a student told People’s Daily Online. “There is a 3-D face model database, so even if you wear makeup or gain weight, the machine recognizes you anyway.”