DoD seeking biometric battlefield solutions
31 May 2017 16:59 GMT

The US Department of Defense wants input on new biometric solutions that can be used in military operations.

The DoD's Special Operations Command has released an RFI seeking input on a tactical device capable of collecting face, fingerprint and iris data.

Applications include mass enrollments of personnel at forward operating bases or for watch-list matching.

According to the recent request for information, the technologies should allow the rapid collection and on-board storage of full-spectrum biometrics and the transmission of that data to receive a match or no-match response.

The battery-powered device should be easy to learn and use – even when wearing gloves – and weigh less than three pounds.

Selected production models of hardware and equipment will be demonstrated at a March 2018  Tactical Biometric Event where they will be evaluated as to their accuracy and suitability for operators in a realistic environment.