British Police arrest suspect using facial recognition tech
07 June 2017 14:56 GMT

Police in the UK have arrested a suspect who was identified using face recognition tech.

South Wales Police have been trialling the technology, known as AFR (Automatic Facial Recognition), for the past 18 months. And UK police have been testing facial recognition technology for a while, raising privacy and security concerns among civil rights organisations and members of the public. 

At the end of May, law enforcement announced a partnership with the company NEC to test AFR during the Champions League finals week in Cardiff. Trained officers monitored "the movement of people at strategic locations in and around the city centre". 

A number of camera positions were set up to identify people who are on the police's watch list, either because they're suspects, missing persons, or persons of interest. 

The arrest was "of a local man and unconnected to the Champions League," a South Wales Police spokesperson told Mashable. 

The man's face was probably included in the police's Niche Record Management system which stores 500,000 custody images. 

Police said the UCL final "has clearly provided a perfect testing ground" for the AFR trial with NEC, which has been working on real-time facial recognition along with UK police. 

"The world we live in is changing and with that comes a need to change the way we police," Assistant Chief Constable Richard Lewis said.