Bahrain begins biometric SIM registration
12 July 2017 16:44 GMT

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in Bahrain has begun to implement a biometric SIM registration programme.

The registration process will consist of two steps to verify the identity of the SIM card user, first presenting the applicant’s identification or passport and then conducting the biometric scan.

The regulation has also introduced measures that limits the sale of SIM-cards in shops  - as the regulation only permits selling SIM-cards through the operators’ outlets and their resellers who obtain a formal approval from the TRA. 

Additionally, the regulation introduced a ceiling for the number of pre-paid SIM cards consumers may acquire, which has been set at10 pre-paid SIM-cards as a maximum from each licensed mobile operators (Batelco, Zain, Viva); as such a total of 30 pre-paid SIM-cards per person can be obtained.

TRA also notes that it launched an awareness campaign for mobile subscribers in 2016, which it communicated a number of educational messages to keep users informed of the importance of controlling the cards registered under their names and not leaving them at the disposal of others.