Biometric Signature ID recognised by Texas Bankers Association
17 July 2017 16:59 GMT

Biometric Signature ID, a leading developer of biometric ID verification software solutions has won a “Best of Show” award at the Texas Bankers Association 133rd Annual Convention in San Antonio Texas.

Biometric Signature ID was one of more than 90 vendors considered for TBA’s “Best of Show” award. Judges met with vendors throughout the convention and presented the award to the vendor/booth that showed exemplary marketing, presentation, and activity during the convention.

“It’s an honor to receive TBA’s ‘Best of Show’ award,” said Jeff Maynard, President / CEO, Biometric Signature ID. “There was lots of excitement from attendees who were interested in our suite of products. Winning this award shows that bankers understand the need for critical security solutions like BioSig-ID and points to our ability to meet industry demand for proper banking authentication and consumer privacy.”

BSI’s technology uses signature gesture biometrics, which authenticates a user’s identity by how they log in using their mouse or stylus, capturing, and comparing the unique way they create their password to their stored profile. BSI’s technology provides a marked improvement to current password-access methods by using a multi-factor authentication that delivers the highest level of security on the market today.