Kuri home robot will use face recognition to record video
03 August 2017 07:25 GMT

A new home robot will use face recognition to identify users in its line of sight, and record video of them.

Recordings begin after Kuri uses facial recognition to identify the person within its line of vision. Kuri can also be programmed to be active or inactive based on the room in the house or time of day.

Video recorded by the mobile robot will be shared on the Kuri app. Over time, with computer vision and by paying attention to the sorts of videos a person likes or deletes in the app, Kuri learns a user’s preference based on factors like time of day, location in the house, or people involved, a Mayfield Robotics spokesperson told VentureBeat.

For the price of $799, the Kuri home robot can do an assortment of things like play music, livestream video, or alert you when your dog jumps on the couch so you can yell at her though Kuri’s speakers.

This year Kuri has learned a few other tricks, like how to dance when it hears a specific command or automatically driving itself to its charging pad when low on energy.