UAE uses face recognition for home visa applications
03 August 2017 07:29 GMT

The UAE is launching a egovernment service that uses face recognition for home visa applications.

The Ministry of the Interior on Tuesday launched "E-channels", a new system of smart services that lets nationals and residents apply for entry permits and residency visas within 10 minutes.

The system has the ability to read official documents electronically, using face recognition technology to identify the applicants, handle routine requests as well as auditing, accounting, governance, protection and quality control, all without human intervention as per international standards.

Under the new system, people don’t need to physically visit different visa centres in the country. Instead, they can register online and select the services required. Individuals will need an email id and password to log into the system, said Brigadier Mansour Ahmad Al Daheri, director-general of residency and naturalisation department of Abu Dhabi.

In partnership with Tahaluf Al Emarat Technical Solutions, the ministry has worked on the development of the e-services system that allows typing centres, companies and individuals (citizens, residents and Gulf Cooperation Council nationals).

Emiratis can apply to sponsor individuals, residents can apply for new visas, or renew or cancel and GCC nationals can apply to sponsor individuals while GCC residents can apply for new visa permit. Visitors can apply for new visa permit.