Samsung to delay in-display fingerprint reader until Galaxy Note 9
08 August 2017 16:42 GMT

Problems with integrating an in-glass fingerprint sensor mean Samsung will delay its implementation until next year's Galaxy Note 9, say industry experts.

KGI released a new report that claims that Samsung is going to keep the fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone,through the Galaxy S9 when it’s released next year, and is only aiming to introduce the under-display feature in the eventual Galaxy Note 9.

Apple is also planning to give up trying to embed its fingerprint scanner into the glass on its devices, with latest leaks suggesting the iPhone 8 will apparently have a Touch ID sensor around the back of the handset or maybe even built into the power button.

Apple's move means the pressure's off Samsung, according to KGI, and so it has "no need to risk adopting under-display optical fingerprint solution in a hurry" in the words of the analysts. However, the tech should be ready by this time next year.