CrucialTec claims lead in on-display fingerprint sensor
09 August 2017 14:44 GMT

South Korean biometrics firm  CrucialTec claims it has made the most progress in developing an in-display smartphone fingerprint sensor.

Speaking to South Korean media, staff said the development of the company’s patented Display Fingerprint Solution, or DFS, has been underway since 2012.  

“Our technology is fully ready, and we are in talks with the world’s leading display manufacturers to see the first smartphone with the DFS by the first half of next year,” Ahn said in an interview with The Korea Herald at the company’s headquarters in Pangyo, Gyeonggi Province. 

Samsung and Apple have reportedly struggled to implement the technology in their latest flagship iterations.

“CrucialTec is the only company in the world which possesses all five technologies required for high-quality on-display fingerprint authentication -- sensor integrated circuit (IC), chip packaging, module, algorithm, mobile firmware,” Ahn said. “The key to being able to commercialize such smartphones is to well match display panels with our sensor and drive ICs.”  

Samsung is reportedly working with Synaptics, a San Hose-based biometrics firm on the new solution, while Apple owns Authentic, which develops such displays.