Hong Kong denies face recognition ATM reforms
10 August 2017 13:28 GMT

Senior Hong Kong officials have refuted local media reports claiming the city state planned to make face recognition mandatory for ATM withdrawals.

Hong Kong’s financial regulator denied suggestions it will introduce new rules requiring cash machine operators to carry out face recognition checks on consumers.

Local reports had suggested that the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) was set to toughen know your customer (KYC) controls on cash withdrawals, part of wider attempts to tighten controls on the flow of cash in and out of China.

A South China Morning Post report had reported that local banks may need to boost ATM security in the battle against financial crime and money laundering, following the footstep of Macau,

It has reported the authority as saying it would study if the use of facial recognition is “reliable and useful”.

“We have just found out that Macau has adopted this new technology. We will be studying this technology to see if this can enhance security,” authority chairman Norman Chan Tak-lam said after a Legislative Council meeting.

“There are still other possibilities. For example, some people are suggesting whether fingerprints verification can be deployed. Can this replace the use of password or should the two be used at the same time?…Now that Macau has this new technology, we are happy to study.”