Missouri school to track students' location with fingerprints
18 August 2017 11:46 GMT

Excelsior Springs High School plans to check on students' class location by getting them to use fingerprint readers throughout the school.

The system is part of a new program designed to allow students to control their own schedules.

As part of a “flexible, modular scheduling” system, the students will still attend a number of core classes throughout the day, but much of their schedule will be up to their own design.

In order to enter new collaborative workspaces built over the summer, students will have to check in using a biometric scanner that will check their fingerprint to validate their entry.

Every time a student enters a resource room dedicated to a certain subject, they will have to place their index finger on a scanner.

The school reportedly chose to go with a biometric scanners over student identification cards.

Administrators at the school feared students would simply hand off their card to a friend to be scanned, allowing the student to skip out on the open study sessions.