Caradigm and RightPatient partner on biometric healthcare solutions
30 August 2017 13:19 GMT

Biometric patient identity firm RightPatient today announced a new partnership with Caradigm, a healthcare company that offers identity and access management solutions.

In a statement, the firms said yhe RightPatient Caradigm partnership provides an enterprise-wide identity management solution that ensures patients are kept safe throughout the care continuum.

They added that healthcare providers need to establish accurate patient identification to protect safety, prevent duplicate medical records and ensure quality care. But also need to accommodate the desires of physicians and operational employees who want fast, secure access to protected data, often in mobile environments.

According to a recent survey from Dell, 68% of employees in the healthcare industry admit they are willing to share sensitive protected health information (PHI) under certain circumstances. Clearly illustrating the sense of urgency for providers to implement a more secure authentication platform to access PHI, 

"Patient record mixups and identification inaccuracies are a direct and serious threat to patient safety, privacy and the quality of care, not to mention their negative impact on revenue cycle," said Mizan Rahman, founder of RightPatient. "Healthcare organizations are under tremendous pressure to improve patient identification accuracy and secure PHI access to protect privacy, reduce medical errors, and prevent data breaches that compromise provider reputation, costs, and quality. Our partnership with Caradigm unites the most accurate and versatile biometric patient identification technology with an industry leading SSO solution to reduce mistakes and simplify workflows."

According to Neal Singh, CEO of Caradigm, "We are pleased to partner with RightPatient which offers biometric solutions to accurately identify a patient and ensure retrieval of the correct medical record. The solution is a perfect complement to Caradigm's integrated identity and access management solution and the joint solution will provide more secure patient data, and improved clinical and IT operational efficiency for our customers."