Everlight reveals new LED for iris recognition
04 September 2017 14:28 GMT

Taiwan's Everlight Electronics Co Ltd has launched the NIR-C19M series with an emission wavelength of 810nm to target iris recognition.

In a statement, the firm said the NIR-C19M series uses advanced image signal processor (ISP) together with a CMOS sensor to receive the infrared reflection from the human eye in order to authenticate iris identification

It noted that infrared LEDs for non-contact optical identification have the advantages of compact size, strong security and quick recognition speed, making them increasingly sought-after.

Everlight says its NIR-C19M series for non-contact optical iris recognition adopts a molding manufacturing process. Compared with the traditional glue dispense manufacturing process, molding results in a smoother surface that not only enhances the look but also increases reliability.

The firm says that its unique optical design achieves a clear high reflection rate, a small angle (FOV=25) and a radiant intensity of up to 2700mW/Sr below 1000mA.

With a thermal resistance of 4.38℃/W, heat dissipation is superior to any other competing product on the market, it is claimed. The device has also passed IEC62471 (a safety regulation to prove that no harm arises to human eyes and skin).

In addition to these optical features, the dimensions of NIR-C19M series are just 3.5mm x 3.5mm x 2.3mm, which is particularly desirable for space-constrained portable devices.