Vision-Box unveils airport analytics dashboard solution
08 September 2017 12:55 GMT

Portugese biometric border solutions firm Vision-Box has developed a digital airport  analytics platform. 

Called vb dashbox, the firm said its platform aims to enhance the granular detail of the information streams in airports, while providing practical tools to drill-down into metrics and key performance indicators of all airport and passenger data.

It is integrated into Vision-Box's Orchestra Management Platform.

The firm writes "Together with Orchestra, vb dashbox extends the overall value of Vision-Box’s biometric solutions portfolio by offering an aggregated informational view of the entire airport walkthrough process, giving stakeholders a detailed view of passenger metrics and displaying the data in smart, penetrating graphics, available on all laptop, tablet and mobile platforms".

“Vision-Box’s mission has always been to assist stakeholders in the aviation sector to achieve a higher level of airport operational efficiency while providing a safe and effective product, reduce risks, and improve operating costs”, says Miguel Leitmann, Vision-Box CEO. “With this powerful new analytical tool, Vision-Box is delivering on this mission in giving airport authorities the ability to leverage their data into actionable business intelligence and optimize their processes through better utilization of information.”