Green Bit to showcase new live scanner readers
08 September 2017 15:21 GMT

Italy-based biometrics firm Green Bit has announced plans to launch a brand-new Palm livescan family “MultiScan527t” at an upcoming event.

The company will unveil the solutions at FedID 2017, taking place next
week 12-14 in Washington DC at the Walter E, Washington Convention Centre - Planet Biometrics will be onsite at the show with live reporting on the event..

In a statement today, Green Bit said features of the MultiScan527t family include superior fast acquisition and USB 3.0.

Two different models will be available: MultiScan527t with a 3.2” full colour LCD touchscreen and MultiScan527xt with a simpler user interface to include buttons and an LED to facilitate the acquisition process.

The firm noted that a faster acquisition speed than previous versions is attributed to the USB 3.0 technology.

Meanwhile, an integrated heater based on proprietary technology will automatically keep the prism’s surface at the right temperature and provide assurance in achieving the best fingerprint acquisition of very dry fingers in low temperature environments. 

Earlier this month, Green Bit announced its twentieth year within the biometrics sector.

Green Bit designed and introduced one of the very first fingerprint access control solutions with “match on board” technology: the DSU 203.

Just two years later, following a strategic focus and investment in R&D, the company was able to offer a biometric solution for the Law Enforcement market and win its first international tender promoted by the Italian State Police, with its palm scanner: VisaScan3.

Following the initial advancements in R&D, and Green Bit’s product launch of the
DSU203 and VisaScan3, Green Bit further continued to make significant R&D
investments. Now Green Bit is able to design and offer a complete catalogue of FBI and GA certified live scanners: from single finger, up to palm.