Shanghai turns face recognition on law-breaking cyclists
21 September 2017 16:06 GMT

Shanghai traffic police are now using facial recognition technology to identify bike users who are filmed violating traffic laws, local media reported on Wednesday.

Following the launch of a new electronic police unit by the city s Municipal Public Security Bureau, traffic police have successfully piloted the technology to catch bike and e-bike users who are travelling in the wrong bicycle lane, as well as those committing similar offences. 

The report said that police checked the offender’s features against their ID card database to identify suspects.

Last Friday, the facial recognition technology successfully identified an e-bike user who was travelling in the opposite lane. The cyclist was fined 50 yuan (US$7.60), according to police.

On Thursday, a motorcyclist was also fined 200 yuan after the electronic police caught them driving in the bike lane meant for non-motorised vehicles only.

It was not clear whether the facial recognition technology was used in this case or whether the bike’s number plates helped to identify the driver.