ANZ wants to use voice biometrics as 'front door'
26 September 2017 13:53 GMT

Australian bank ANZ wants voice biometrics to become the principle initial method of authentication in its call centres instead of knowledge-based answers.

ANZ general manager of Wholesale Digital Nigel Dobson told the FIDO Alliance Seminar in Sydney of their plans on Monday.

"Our hope is to have it [voice biometrics] as a pervasive authentication capability for the bank for all of its front doors, if you like, within 12-24 months," he said.

Voice identification technology was rolled out earlier this month on the bank's Grow by ANZ app

"What we think we have found with voice biometrics as an addition to authentication is something actually that gives high security and a significant degree of convenience."

According to Dobson, the service has experienced "high customer acceptance and success" and as a result, the bank is keen to roll it out across its call centres.

"Every bank coming up with their own solution is probably not wise when you can have a standard response that is nationally utilised. Combing strong authentication coupled with secured credentials is the mission," he explained.

"We certainly have common interests as a banking community in implementing framework."


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