Biometrics eGov app available in all US states
02 October 2017 14:41 GMT

Private digital government services facilitator NIC has announced today that the nation’s first personal assistant for government, Gov2Go, is now available in all 50 states.

The Gov2Go platform was created in Arkansas, aims to bring together all of a person’s interactions with all levels of government in one place.

As part of the initial set of national services, people across the U.S. can receive detailed information for their states about Amber Alerts and election information, and can also purchase digital passes to select National Parks and U.S. Forest Service sites via the NIC YourPassNow solution.

“NIC is pleased to bring the convenience of Gov2Go to everyone in the United States,” said Harry Herington, NIC Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. “Gov2Go is a comprehensive platform that puts citizens at the center of government. In addition to this initial set of services, any government can adopt the platform and deliver even more convenient services to their constituents.”

Gov2Go allows for an individual’s government interactions throughout the year to be tracked, notifies the citizen when renewals or payments are due, and completes the transaction within the Gov2Go platform. In addition, new Gov2Go functionality includes biometric payment authentication and one-click payments with stored account information. The platform is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure public cloud, and marks the beginning of more collaboration between NIC and Microsoft.

“Microsoft is proud to partner with NIC on Gov2Go to help governments digitally transform, utilizing technologies to create great places to live and better connect citizens to services,” said Michael Donlan, Vice President, US State and Local Government at Microsoft. “The collaboration with NIC shows how Microsoft Azure can help drive change across the country by offering problem-solving solutions. From alerting residents about important government interactions to delivering outdoor recreational solutions more effectively, cloud technology is modernizing government at the local, state and federal levels.”

“This is just the beginning for Gov2Go,” said NIC Chief Operating Officer Robert Knapp. “NIC will constantly be providing access to more government services through the platform and making Gov2Go available using new, innovative technology. People expect a new level of on-demand convenience when dealing with government, and Gov2Go is the answer.”

In addition to the initial national services, an expanded library of government services are already available to people in Arkansas, Colorado, and Nebraska.  

“We launched Gov2Go in Arkansas because our citizens see government as one entity,” said Yessica Jones, Director, Arkansas Department of Information Services. “They want government information and services integrated across federal, state, and local government in one convenient solution. That is exactly what Gov2Go provides.”