Facial recognition tech tested by LPGA
08 August 2018 15:03 GMT

The Ladies Professional Golf Association trialled the use of face recognition, using an NEC solution, earlier this year.

The LPGA has noted that this was “a biometric first”, as it was widely believed to be the debut of facial recognition technology at a golf event.

NEC had worked with the LPGA and the tournament to pilot a program using facial recognition that according to the company would help ensure a “pleasurable customer experience” that the sports organization wanted its fans to have.

The video face technology was positioned at the main entrance to Mission Hills Country Club, where faces of individuals were captured and extracted from the feed and matched in real-time.

Media members also underwent NEC’s NeoFace Watch face recognition solution before they could securely access the media center in what the company called “a unique VIP experience” for media and other credentialed patrons to get “frictionless entry into various secured environments around the golf course.”

According to the Japan-based company, NEC’s NeoFace Express rapid access solution eliminated long wait times by accurately identifying media members and tournament staff all while keeping a lookout for known persons of interest to law enforcement by searching against state/local and national law enforcement databases, keeping potential threats away by alerting the appropriate authorities.