Precise Biometrics launches solution for biometric payment cards
20 October 2017 13:37 GMT

Sweden's Precise Biometrics has launched a new fingerprint software solution for biometric payment cards.

In a statement, the firm said upgrade of Precise BioMatch Embedded supports even smaller fingerprint sensors with an area down to 30 mm2 and constrained MCU’s that enable power efficient biometric smart cards, while meeting the biometric performance requirements set by the payment card industry.

The software solution will be available for customers in December 2017.

“Consumers are eager to start using biometric payment cards as seen from the first market trials earlier this year. Our enhanced fingerprint solution will accelerate the introduction of biometric smart cards by lowering total product costs and maintaining high biometric performance,” said Håkan Persson, CEO of PreciseBiometrics. 

In addition to supporting even smaller fingerprint sensors, Precise BioMatch Embedded offers both biometric performance as well as storing and matching fingerprint templates in the existing Embedded Secure Element (eSE) of the card. 

“The combination of contactless payment and fingerprint authentication brings a new level of convenience to consumers and minimizes the risk of identity theft and fraud. With an annual addressable market of more than two billion payment cards, contactless biometric payment cards have the potential to become the next major growth market for fingerprint technology,” Håkan Persson continued.