BioID in GDPR deal with Microsoft and Deutsche Telekom
08 November 2017 15:43 GMT

Biometrics as a Service provider BioID has entered into agreements with both Microsoft Cloud Germany and Deutsche Telekom to host its BioID Web Service (BWS) in the data center of T‑Systems.

T‑Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, is acting as the data trustee in ensuring that all data is stored exclusively in data centres on German soil, and T-Systems controls all access to customer data and any associated infrastructure.

The move comes ahead of the EU-wide implementation of a strict new data regime, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in May next year.

In a statement,  BioID said as a BaaS provider it  ensures data privacy by dealing solely with pseudonymized data.

To carry out its service, BioID requires only the mathematical representation of the characteristics extracted from the data uploaded.

This abstract “template” used for the biometric operations is completely separated from other personal data. All data stored and used by the service is thus not personally identifiable. No template can be exported, re-engineered or reverse-engineered to its original format, therefore providing full anonymity and data protection.