IDEMIA and JCB partner on biometric card in Japan
09 November 2017 16:30 GMT

Secure identity solutions firm IDEMIA and JCB are launching a biometric card in Japan called F-Code.

In a statement, the firms said F-Code is a the new generation biometric payment card which replaces your PIN code with your fingerprint.

The firms noted that after JCB’s successful introduction of the JCB Tokenization Platform (JTP) in collaboration with IDEMIA in 2016, a strong partnership has been established between IDEMIA (formerly known as OT-Morpho) and JCB regarding payment innovation in Japan. 

“Convinced that digital payments will change the way people shop and pay by bringing more convenience and security to the payment experience, we are thrilled to participate in the next wave in Japan. We are looking forward to shaping the future of payments with our partner JCB”, said Didier Lamouche, IDEMIA’s CEO.

Ichiro Hamakawa, JCB’s CEO, has commented “We are happy to partnering with IDEMIA in order to bring customers the F-Code technology. We tirelessly work on offering the most recent and secured technologies to payment card users in Japan and abroad. Introducing them this biometric new opportunity to secure daily payments will add a major milestone to our business.”