US donates fingerprint system to help fight crime in Belize
08 December 2017 13:48 GMT

The US Embassy has handed over 14 AFIS systems to the police department in Belmopan, the capital city of Belize.

At hand to receive the donation was Commissioner of Police Allan Wiley, Senior Superintendent Joel Gillet and the Charge de ’affairs from the U.S. Embassy Adriani Gala neck.

Adriani Gala Neck – Charge de ’affairs, said: “This donation is a part of the US government’s overall partnership with the government and the people of Belize … Citizen security is the large focus of the funding but also then we have economic prosperity and good Governments”.

The added that the gesture was part of an ongoing effort that goes back to early 2002 when the first fingerprint system was introduced, and that the value of upgrade was over $425,000 US.

Allan Whiley – Commissioner of Police, added: ““We have had fourteen new systems placed across the entire length and breadth of this country including San Pedro and this system will assist us in our crime fighting in particular when we have incidents of burglaries where prints may be lifted by the technician- it will allow for those prints to be inputted into the systems at the various districts and then the officers will be able to search again the central database to see if there are any hits and then that would allow us to identify burglars or other criminals who may have left fingerprints at crime scenes.”


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