Asian corporates favour biometric authentication
10 January 2018 16:48 GMT

 Biometric and pattern-based authentication are rapidly gaining acceptance among Asian corporates, amid rising concern over identity theft and fraudulent activity, according to a new research by East & Partners Asia.

East & Partners Asia is a specialist market research and consulting firm in the business, corporate and investment banking markets of Asia Pacific.

In a statement today, East & Partners Asia said nearly a third of all large corporates across Asia believe biometric, which uses a consumer’s unique biological traits, including finger print, voice, face and iris to verify their identity, is far more secure [than thought]. Thus, these large corporates expect to use it in the near future, a big jump up from the 3.2% who currently use it, the statement added.

It said this was in part due to the proliferation of biometric technologies in consumer mobile devices such as fingerprint scanning capability, allowing consumers to grow accustomed to the technology.

A further 15.8% prefer a behaviour analytics approach that relies on distinctive patterns derived from user’s keystroke, swipe or mouse movements, the statement added.

The firm said this indicates Asian corporates have a receptive attitude toward new technologies, especially when it comes to payment authentication methods.