Nissan concept car features biometric security
16 January 2018 16:24 GMT

Nissan Xmotion concept car boasts a fingerprint sensor and seven digital touchscreens inside.

Fingerprint authentication is used to start the operation of the Xmotion concept. When the driver touches the fingerprint authentication area on the top of the console, the opening sequence starts, awakening the virtual personal assistant – which takes the shape of a Japanese koi fish.

The koi jumps into the main screen. In “autonomous drive mode,” while changing lanes or overtaking other traffic, the fish will pick up other “browsing” information about points of interest along the way. “In this way, the koi acts as a storyteller to connect human and machine,” Nissan says. There is something about a friendly Japanese fish helping you with navigation and music selection that is sure to help banish your road rage to the land of wind and ghosts.

The Xmotion (which is pronounced “cross-motion”) has three main displays, as well as left- and right-end displays that span the width of the instrument panel. On the ceiling is a “digital room mirror” (in place of a rearview mirror) and a center console display. There’s also a lot of wood trim, which seems like an attempt to offset the harsh futuristic glare of the digital surfaces.