mJobTime announces biometric tracking app
15 August 2018 09:06 GMT

mJobTime Corporation, a provider of construction time tracking solutions for ENR 600 and other leading contractors, has added a function so employees can clock in and out via a fingerprint scan on smartphones and tablets.

The firm notes that buddy punching, where one employee clocks another employee (“the buddy”) in or out, has been a problem for construction companies since the invention of the punch clock in 1888. Previous solutions involved using separate scanning devices connected by cable to a laptop or tablet, or a stand-alone stationary (immobile) clock.

“mJobTime customers can now enjoy all the conveniences and security of a mobile biometric time tracking solution without the previous hassles,” said Mike Soniat, Director of Technical Services for mJobTime. “Initially, we will roll out the app for iPhones and iPads. This will be followed later in the year by the release of an Android version. We are very excited to offer our customers this important new functionality.”

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