Nuance notes 'biometric boom'
31 January 2018 15:48 GMT

Nuance has announced that its voice biometrics solution has hit a milestone with over 300 million consumers using its technology.

The firm said that a growing list of leading enterprises are leveraging Nuance biometrics, including the Australian Taxation Office, ICICI Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Santander, TalkTalk, and Vodafone Turkey.

These are among the 20 organizations that have each enrolled more than 1 million voiceprints in their deployments of Nuance's Security Suite, easily authenticating customers and preventing fraudsters from illegal access. 

It added that various industries have seen meaningful results by implementing Nuance's biometrics technology for fraud prevention & mitigation:

A top 5 UK bank caught 4 million pounds ($5.5 million) of fraud attempts in just under a year after introducing biometrics
A top UK bank prevented over 200 cases of fraud in just under 6 weeks, which led to savings of 4.5 million pounds ($6.2 million)
A large US telco prevented over $1m in fraud losses by preventing expensive smartphones to be shipped out to fraudsters
A government agency prevented fraudsters from compromising citizen accounts, protecting identities of citizens

"The nearly two dozen leading enterprise customers that have surpassed the million-voiceprint mark, along with the impressive results in fraud reduction and improvement in customer experience, proves that biometrics are on a trajectory for continued large-scale adoption," said Brett Beranek, Director of Security Strategy at Nuance. "Organizations understand that they need to fight fraud in an aggressive way while at the same time ensuring users have a convenient method for authentication. As the leader in this market, we are proud to partner with forward thinking organizations to replace PINS, passwords, and knowledge-based questions with biometric authentication."