Baltimore police to use biometric attendance
01 February 2018 14:18 GMT

The Baltimore Police Department plans to start using biometric security to track when officers start and end shifts.

The tech will be used to prove they’ve worked the hours claimed on their payslips, officials have confirmed to The Baltimore Sun.

The move comes amid an ongoing federal trial of two Gun Trace Task Force officers whose corrupt colleagues have admitted to rampant overtime fraud by the unit.

 T.J. Smith, a department spokesman, said the department is in the early phases of implementing the new biometric technology. Officials have purchased some hardware, but do not have an estimate for when officers will begin using it or how much the system will cost.

The newspaper reports that the underlying hope is that the technology will not only halt outright corruption, but curtail a longstanding culture within the department in which frontline supervisors — lieutenants and sergeants — use unearned overtime and other unapproved paid time off as an “internal currency” for motivating and rewarding proactive policing.

In the Gun Trace Task Force case, officers are accused of, and some have admitted to, outright overtime fraud. Some officers claimed overtime pay while on vacation or while gambling at a local casino.