NEC targets smart cities for biometric growth
05 February 2018 17:01 GMT

Tech firm NEC has said it plans to secure growth by capitalizing on NEC's biometric authentication, security and network services, as well as its artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

In a statement, the firm said This will be accomplished by focusing largely on 3 areas for growth: The building of Safer Cities that are safe, secure and prosperous; The formation of a sustainable smart supply chain; and The realization of "connected automobiles" that are safe and comfortable.

The firm aims to attain revenue of 200 billion yen (US$1.8bn), an operating income ratio of 5% or more, and EBITDA ratio of 20% or more in FY2020 by shifting to a platform-based service business and gradually expanding the business area from public safety to include digital government and other services.

The plans were noted in a "Mid-term Management Plan 2020," covering a three-year period through the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021. 


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