UK officials quizzed over biometric data
07 February 2018 16:33 GMT

A parliamentary select committee has grilled UK officials over the government's approach to biometrics.

The witnesses were brought in front of the Science and Technology Committee to answer questions about the long-delayed biometrics strategy, which was due in 2012 but is still unpublished, reported The Register.

"Williams got off to a good start by announcing that it was now slated for publication in June, saying the delay was caused by the need to narrow the scope of the strategy and ensure it was in line with the rapidly changing technology", wrote the magazine

Dscussion got increasingly heated as the committee moved on to the government's heaving custody image database, which has amassed 21 million images of faces or identifying features like tattoos or scars, it added.

The session was held to hear from the Forensic Science Regulator on developments since the Government’s 2016 Forensics Strategy was published, progress on issues raised by the previous Committee’s report on that document, and recent developments in the forensics market.

The Committee also planned to discuss with the minister the reasons for the delay in producing a Biometrics Strategy, as well as use and retention issues for different types of biometrics, including facial image technology.