Facial recognition technology assists in Arizona fraud arrest
14 February 2018 15:48 GMT

A man trying to obtain driver’s licenses under three different names was caught by the Motor Vehicle Division’s face recognition technology, the Arizona Department of Transportation reported Tuesday.

Jose Casas, 41, of Goodyear, was using a stolen identity to get commercial driver’s licenses, open a business and buy a house, the agency said.

When Casas went to an MVD office in December to renew his commercial driver’s license, the system found that his photo closely resembled two others in ADOT’s database.

ADOT detectives with FBI training in facial recognition determined that all three of the photos were of Casas.

In 2007, he applied for an Arizona commercial driver’s license using a forged Illinois commercial driver license under the name of a Texas resident. He then used the stolen identity to open a trucking business, purchase vehicles for the business, and purchase personal vehicles and a house in Goodyear.

Detectives served a search warrant Feb. 7 at Casas’ residence and arrested him. Casas was booked at the Maricopa County Fourth Avenue Jail on several counts of forgery and fraud schemes as well as mortgage fraud.

After being fingerprinted, detectives discovered that Casas had an outstanding warrant from 1996 in Illinois for failure to appear on drug charges, including delivery of narcotic drugs and possession of cocaine. He was booked as a fugitive after the state of Illinois verified the warrant.