BioSSL launches biometrically secured ‘emobi' merchant platform
19 February 2018 17:21 GMT

BioSSL has launched an electronic mobile platform called "emobi" for merchants and consumers that allows businesses, like telecom operators, to run their sales activities on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Johann Caubergh, CEO of BioSSL sums it up well: “Highly secured through biometrics like fingerprint, voice and facial recognition, emobi is straight forward for merchants and consumers alike. Classical functionalities like user and wallet management, payment history, online invoicing, ordering and generating vouchers or tickets and notifications via text are all included.”

Abdallah Bezan, owner of Bezatec and BioSSL's customer and at the same time newly appointed local partner for Tunis and Lybia, adds: “emobi, an app for both the merchant and the end user, is a game changer for Libya where the inflation is still high and there is limited access to bank accounts. The merchant app tops up mobile credits to the customers' app in a heartbeat. No need for separate POS systems. In case the customer does not have a smartphone, the merchant still can print a voucher by a Bluetooth connected printer. Topping up mobile credits will be part of a bigger picture, emobi as Electronic Mobile Money Processing Platform. We are really impressed by this platform and I am sure our potential clients will love it as well. We have lined up a few already and are expecting to showcase our first clients soon.”

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