Nuance reveals advances to voice biometrics solution
26 February 2018 15:54 GMT

Voice biometrics firm Nuance has added new features to its key software offerings.

The firm said it has released the next generation of Security Suite and added a key advancement to the Nuance Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Platform.

Leveraging third generation deep neural networks and advanced AI algorithms, Nuance is pioneering significant fraud fighting technologies to detect anomalies in an interaction. With these new innovations, Nuance is building on its market-leading solution, that already processes more than five billion successful voice authentications yearly for customers across the globe, to offer the most comprehensive biometrics-based approach available today for preventing fraud on voice and digital channels.

Nuance said the next generation of Security Suite is "powered by advanced AI, to thwart omni-channel fraud through voice, face or behavioral biometrics".

"Through the introduction of ConversationPrint – the first technology of its kind to hit the market – combined with the development of Intelligent Detectors, the new solution empowers organizations to analyze every facet of each customer interaction. From behavioral and voice biometrics, to device identification and geo location, Security Suite detects the difference between a true user and an imposter at an unprecedented level across voice and digital channels".

It says ConversationPrint is a A form of behavioral biometrics, that can identify fraudulent activity in real-time based on choice of words, and patterns of speech or writing, during an interaction with a human or virtual assistant. Speech-to-text, a core competency of Nuance, is applied to short speech segments to analyze vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar, and more that are unique at an individual level.

Meanwhile, behavior patterns analyzed through Security Suite include how a person types, uses a mouse, holds their smartphone or even how they pause when accomplishing a task.

“Fraud is reaching epidemic proportions in many organizations as knowledge-based identity validation provides only symbolic security. This is particularly true within digital channels where username and password databases have been massively compromised, as well as the contact center where fraudsters leverage compromised customer data stores to answer security questions,” said Brett Beranek, Director of Security Strategy at Nuance. “Given this context, it is crucial that organizations adapt to this new reality and implement technologies to proactively detect and identify fraudsters. Nuance Security Suite is the only solution on the market that equips organizations with a robust and layered AI-based approach to identify fraudsters while simultaneously improving the experience for consumers.”

“The introduction of a suite of capabilities that embrace multiple biometric factors extends Nuance’s leadership in voice authentication into omnichannel conversational commerce,” explains Dan Miller, lead analyst at Opus Research. “Enterprise customers will reap the dual benefit of fraud loss reduction and improved, secure customer experience.”